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About Us

SlackTyde Charters is made up of one captain and one boat. My goal is to share as much of my knowledge about the area and share as many of the amazing expereiences as possible. 

I want everyone's experience to be the best that it can be that is why every tour is private, meaning you will never be accompanied by other groups.

SlackTyde Charters plans to soon work along side local organizations such as MANG and Captains For Clean Water. MANG is an apparell company that plants mangroves around the world for every purchase that is made. The mangroves are important to the waters as they filter the water, proivde habitats for many species, and act as a natural barrier to islands. Captains For Clean Water is an organization that started to fight the pouring of nutrient filled water from lake Okkeechobee into the ocean which was causing horrible red tide and algae blooms. Small percentages from each charter will go to these organizations to help ensure that our waters are clean and pristine for years to come. 

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